Integrated CAD Technologies

Integrated CAD Technologies provides the professional skills of a complete CAD based Drawing Office as a bureau specialising in the design of Printed Circuit Boards.





Telecommunications, RF, Automotive, High Power, Digital, Analogue, EMC

Single / Double Sided, Mixed Technology

Fine Pitch Technology, High density Surface Mount

Single / Double / Multi-layer, Silver Through hole

Design for Manufacture, High / Low Volume, 100% Nodal Test Compatibility



Automotive (Body / Instrumentation) Electronics


Industrial and Consumer Alarm Systems

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Digital / Audio Switch Matrices

Computer Motherboards / Peripheral Interface Cards

Hand held Calculator products

Modem Equipment

450Mz / 900MHz Radio / Data Communications

Microwave Communication Interfaces

UHF Radio Interface Equipment

RF Test Equipment / Welding Controllers

High Speed Digital Telecommunication Interfaces

DC Motor Controllers / Ticketing Equipment

UPS Controllers / TENS Equipment

Switch Mode Power Supplies

Industrial Valve Controllers and Support Equipment

Fire Evacuation Controllers and Interfaces



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