Integrated CAD Technologies

Integrated CAD Technologies provides the professional skills of a complete CAD based Drawing Office as a bureau specialising in the design of Printed Circuit Boards.  




Specialising in PCB design for Manufacturability. 
A wide and varied range of design experience for today's technology. 

Schematic entry and capture. 

Detailed Parts Lists. 


PCB Manufacturing Details - concise documentation. 

Laserprinting - A3 600dpi checkprints and polyester film masters. 

Photoplotting - laserplotted and inspected prior to issue. 

Product Documentation - all levels, from basic PCB and Manufacturing Packages to complete Manufacturing and Assembly documentation. This can be tailored to suit your in-house requirements and your budget. 


Product Design - utilising innovative and practical industrial designers. 

Front Panels - artwork design, films , and layouts. 

Enclosure and Panel Design - extrusions, plastics and light sheetmetal. 

Procurement - supplying quality Printed Circuit Boards and assemblies, front panels, metalwork and silkscreening. 

Quotations - fixed price quotes or set hourly rates with fast turn-around service. 

Appraisal Reports - of partial or completed client layouts to aid your in-house designs. 


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